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InnovateㆍMake Smart Smarter

Hong Kong people have always been dare to innovate.
Overcoming difficulties with wisdom to lay the foundation for our success today.
Equally HKPC upholds its commitment on innovation.
Delivering values with advanced technologies, transforming ideas into practice,
creating value intelligently and stimulating Hong Kong productivity to achieve new heights.

Innovation Reshapes Everything

Make Smart Smarter Series
Wisdom is the key to our success!
Wisdom enhances our intelligence to create more value; to achieve new heights and to keep us stay ahead in the market!
HKPC is committed to transforming ideas into practice and unleashing potential to the fullest!
In the era of Industry 4.0 and Enterprise 4.0, HKPC strives to leverage on advanced technologies and novel services for continuous innovation.
We are determined to “MAKE SMART SMARTER” and enable Hong Kong productivity to evolve further for new heights!

“OWL” intelligent production line
Committed to driving Industry 4.0, HKPC assists enterprises in transforming towards high value-added intelligent manufacturing, in a bid to inject cutting-edge technologies into industries for value creation and building a “smarter era of intelligent manufacturing”. The “OWL intelligent production line” built by HKPC team and a local intelligent security product manufacturer, is a showcase of Hong Kong entering into the “New industrialisation” era, offering a successful example for HKPC’s theme of this year – “Make Smart Smarter”.
new industrialisation
New Industrialisation
New industrialisation, as advocated by the HKSAR Government, refers to the use of Hong Kong’s strong reputation in R&D, design and IP protection and innovative technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, new materials and smart production of Industry 4.0 (i4.0) to streamline manufacturing process for the development of high value-added industries and industry supply chains locally.
Partnering with HKPC for new industrialisation - Shining "Made in Hong Kong" on the Global Stage!

Bridging the Biz Community

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