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“OWL” intelligent production line

Gaining support from the Innovation and Technology Bureau and funding from the R&D Cash Rebate Scheme of the Innovation Technology Commission of the HKSAR Government, HKPC’s technical team undertook all processes from technology research and development (R&D), design, planning to machinery assembly, adjustment and testing. It is a testimony to Hong Kong’s success in achieving “New industrialisation” in the “Smarter Era of Intelligent Manufacturing”.

HKPC’s technical expert team took two years to assist a local intelligent security product manufacturer NiRoTech in adopting intelligent manufacturing technologies, such as machine vision, human machine interface, real-time data collection and data analytic technologies to tailor-make a robotics production team to achieve intelligent manufacturing.

“OWL” Intelligent Production Line’s “New industrialisation” Features

  • Located in Yuen Long, the production area only occupies about 10,000 square feet, whereas the production lines of traditional industries often take up 20,000 square feet, thus reducing about 50% of the land. It fits into lesser land use of “New industrialisation”
  • While two production lines of 50m each are required in the past (making a total length of 100m), now it only takes 54m (equivalent to the length of four buses) and is designed in U shape. The length of production line has been shorted by half and can flexibly maximise the use of factory space
  • 12 robots installed, with a series of self-developed, customised, mechanical and automatic device, fully utilise technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), rea-time monitoring, machine vision, computer-aided design, artificial intelligence, data analytics, etc. The overall production capacity increases by 1.5 times

“OWL” Intelligent Production Line’s “New industrialisation” Advantages

  • Coinciding with Industry 4.0 era - enterprises can make good use of intelligent production technologies, integrating product life cycle with the entire supply chain to enhance production capacity and competiveness
  • Driving Hong Kong “New industrialisation” - less land use and labour force, which can resolve pain points of the manufacturing industry ranging from difficulty in finding land, labour shortage to high production cost
  • Increasing accuracy of production processes - highly automatic and intelligent to minimise human error, reduce waste and defective products; more environmentally friendly than the labour intensive production method; enhance product quality control, reduce cost and labour force, shorten production time
  • Catering for market needs - real-time data collection and monitoring system to facilitate product analysis and maintenance in future, faster time-to-market, use big data analytics to adjust production line

Why Named as “OWL Intelligent Production Line”

Being a night-time animal, owl has piercing eyes, nimble neck-bone with a 360-degree vision, which resembles to the features of highly flexible intelligent production line and can accommodate for different production needs in agile, accurate and round-the-clock operations.